Terms of Business

Scope of Service

We will check the kitchen against the information provided and will call you if there is any discrepancy to confirm your instruction to proceed. Please ensure you are available to receive our call, if you are not available we will continue with the service.

If required we will provide a report that will include a check of the kitchen prior to and after removal.

Removal of Kitchens

It is fair to say that very few kitchens are designed and installed with re-use in mind, however, the good news is most quality kitchens can be removed and reinstalled without issue. In most cases this occurs without any complications, however there are certain aspects of kitchen design which can make removal for re-use a little more problematic.


All Stone worktops (natural or composite)

In the majority of cases, worktops are removed without damage as every reasonable effort and skill is taken. However, unseen hairline cracks or excessive adhesive may cause issues, therefore, all worktops are disclaimed. This includes for worktop splash backs and upstands.
In most cases minor damage can be fixed by a local stone supplier.

Acrylic (Corian or similar)

In order to dismantle and transport it is normal to expect this to have to be cut. An acrylic worktop specialist will be required to re-install.

Laminate: It is virtually impossible to remove a laminate worktop without damage due to the bond on the joints being stronger than the worktop itself. Therefore, these worktops are always disclaimed.

Splashbacks, upstands, window cills and the like are not guaranteed.

We do not check the working condition of appliances and accept no liability for appliances not working

Painted Kitchen Furniture

Whilst every skill and care is taken during removal, minor damage can occur to painted finishes and decorative elements such as finishing beads, decorative trims etc.

June 2021

KBB Specialist Removals Ltd Registered office at Rose Lea House, 63 Coroners Lane, Farnworth, Cheshire. WA8 9JB Registered in England No. 12972346 trading as Specialist Kitchen Removals (“The Company”)

The Company provides services for the removal and delivery of kitchens and or kitchen equipment “the Services”.

The Company is appointed by the Purchaser to provide Services in accordance with these Terms of Business.

  1. Obligations
    The Company`s Duties, the Company will:

    • Undertake the provision of its Services with reasonable skill and care.
      The Purchaser`s Duties. The Purchaser confirms that:
    • It is the legal owner of the Goods.
    • The risk of damage to the Goods is the responsibility of the Purchaser subject to the Company undertaking its Services with reasonable skill and care. Please refer to Terms of Service on www.specialistkitchenremovals.co.uk, for caveats on the scope of service and removal of kitchens
    • The Company has clear, safe and uninterrupted access to and from the property`s and the area where the Services are to be performed
    • The area where the Services are to be carried out is clean, level and clear of debris
    • Adequate power, lighting, heating and other necessary facilities for The Company to be able to carry out the Services will be provided
    • It will notify the Company of any changes to the planned services and any changes may incur an additional charge which will be agreed prior to undertaking the Services.
    • All Utility services which may affect or be affected by the Services are disconnected prior unless it has been agreed in writing that disconnection will be carried out by The Company.
    • If the disconnection works carried out by others are found to be incomplete and The Company is unable to complete the Services The Company will, at its option either:
      • Complete/rectify the disconnection works at an additional charge; or
      • Arrange a date in the future to carry out the Services to allow you time to rectify the disconnection works, if the latter option is selected; it is your responsibility to ensure that the Products are stored in a suitable environment until such time as the Company is able to provide the Services. You will be responsible for the costs, loss and/or damage caused due to The Company being unable to carry out the Services on the original date.
      • If during the provision of the Services, you agree with the Company to deviate from the agreed Services, we shall not be liable for any costs, damage or loss arising from such deviation.
      • On completion of the Services, you will be asked to sign a certificate of completion and allow Company to take photographs of the completed works. If you are not happy in any way with the Services which have been carried out and you do not note this on the certificate of completion then we will accept no liability if, in the future, you make a claim to us for damage or loss occurred during or as a result of the Services.
      • If you raise a claim or issue in respect of the Services you will allow us access to review the Services and to take photographs of the Services and any alleged damage or poor quality of work.
  2. Payment
    The price for the Services shall be due and payable 14 days prior to the commencement of the Services, additional charges will become due for payment 14 days following receipt of an Invoice.
    If the service is cancelled or postponed within 5 days of the planned service date 75% of the fee will be due as a cancellation charge. No refund is due if the service has commenced.
  3. Rescheduling of Services
    The Company may at any time reschedule the provision of the Services due to factors beyond its reasonable control.
  4. Dispute
    The parties will try to resolve any disputes amicable using utmost good faith, If the parties are unable to resolve their dispute may agree to conciliation by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution[”CEDR”]. If conciliation is unsuccessful or not agreed either party may refer the matter to the courts.
  5. Default and Limitation
    The Company shall not be liable for any loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, loss of use or production, loss of bargain or for any indirect and/ or consequential loss or damage in contract, tort or otherwise.
    Save for those liabilities which cannot be excluded by law, notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement the Company`s maximum aggregate liability arising out of or in connections under this agreement whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or any other statutory liability shall not exceed 20% of the price of providing the Services.
    Where the Services are provided to a consumer these terms do not affect your statutory rights
  6. The law
    The Contract shall be governed by English law